Experts in Canadian Immigration and Compliance.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to transform the Canadian dream into a reality for every aspiring individual and family.

Verge Immigration Services

Verge Immigration Services Inc. was founded by an immigrant from India, Mr. Jatinder Singh, who holds a Bachelors of Science degree, Human Resources Management Certificate and RCIC license from the CICC.

We help clients inside and outside Canada navigate the Canadian Immigration system with skill and convenience. Our sole purpose is to make immigration hassle free for our clients.

We provide services to Individuals and corporate clients and over the years, Jatinder Singh has demonstrated his legal skills by having many refused cases turned into approvals, all without costly judicial reviews and lengthy court process.

Our speciality lies in getting complicated cases approved and in assisting our corporate clients hire foreign nationals by leveraging Temporary foreign worker program and multiple LMIA- exempt programs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to simplify the immigration journey, offering guidance and empowerment to migrants and their families as they strive to forge better lives.

How We Help Clients

Verge Immigration’s licensed and skilled Consultants will help you in obtaining favorable and successful results in your case. There are easy three steps process:


Book a Consultation

Begin your immigration journey with clarity. Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, address queries, and outline your next steps with our experienced team.


Submit All Your Attested Documents

Ensure your application's success with the right documents. We'll provide a clear checklist and guide you through the collection process, ensuring precision and accuracy.


Application submission

With our expert review, we'll submit your application, adhering to all immigration standards. Trust in our timely updates and expertise as you await the results.

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